Friday, May 2, 2014

The Supernatural

I'm not sure if this experience I'm about to share with you is in fact supernatural but it was (at least to me) very real and very powerful. It was about a month or so ago. It was late and I was on the verge of sleep, in fact I was more asleep than awake which is why I do not know if this experience was true or all in my head. But anyway, as I was saying, I was on the brink of sleep when - right in my ear - I heard my mothers say: "Leeny," right in my ear. It jolted me awake and I expected to see my mother next to me, but there was no one. In case you were wondering, "Leeny" is my mothers nick name for me. I do not believe it was a dream because I could hear the voice in my ear, and if I was dreaming I would have heard it in my head. I really can't explain it.
If someone offered me a free reading of my future I don't think I'd accept it. If I knew what was coming (good or bad) I would anticipate it too much to enjoy the time I was in.

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