Monday, March 31, 2014

My Opinion on Old Age and Dying.

I do not believe that scientists should help people 'beat old age' unless they want it. Prolonging the life of someone with Alzheimer's, a chronic disease, or a disability doesn't seem sensible if they are suffering.
If I could choose the age at which I would want to die, it would be after my 110th birthday, so long as I was healthy enough to enjoy it. If I developed some kind of illness that was crippling in the 'younger years' of old age, then I would not want to live on suffering for too long.
I agree with the author that, "adding years to your life doesn't necessarily make it any fuller." You can die in your thirties and forties and still have lived a fulfilled life. If you do the things you love, take  chances, spend time with your family, and most importantly have fun...then who would disagree you didn't fulfill the life you had?


  1. Nice job thinking of relevant reasons why it's not a good idea if they don't want it, or if it wouldn't benefit them.

  2. I do agree the idea a long life is quite enjoyable if all goes to plan.

  3. I was thinking some of the same things too, I know I wouldn't want to suffer, it's like deciding to put down your dog you don't want them to go, but you don't want them to suffer. I also agree with your opinion on fulfillment of your life; it's how you live your live everyday that makes it full.

  4. I do agree that if you do what you love and have fun with your life then why would you want it to drag on longer. If you've fulfilled your dreams and have done what you wanted then it's time to let go