Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blog 3

If I have to write next week I will make it sound more interesting. For next week in my writing I'm going to focus on incorporating big words into my writing. I chose that because I think it would make my writing sound smarter and it might also make it more interesting. It relates to what I did this week because when I was reading my writers craft I thought it sounded dumb so I was thinking maybe I should add bigger words to make it sound smarter.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Blog #2

The language in my writing is usually very descriptive and help you create a reliable image in your head. My writing is most descriptive when I'm describing a character, a setting, or "the mood-" which is basically the emotion of the scene or person. The language in my writing will help me accomplish my writing goals by making my essays more descriptive and interesting. Having descriptive language in my writing now can and will probably influence my writing in the future because my dream job is to be an author and if I don't have descriptive language in my writing my books wont be interesting and they wont sell; they probably wont even make it to the publisher.