Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I've never really felt fear on a scale large enough that it was carried through my long term memory. Some physical symptoms of fear, however, are probably sweating or acting strangely. The face of a fearful person is wild. Their eyes are darting everywhere looking for a solution for their fear. Their are beads of sweat pooling and then dripping down their foreheads and into the napes of their neck. I believe that extreme fear affects the mind greatly. It may distort the world around oneself so that they are hallucinating or it may make them believe one thing when something else entirely has happened. I believe that no one can "master" fear, I do believe we can learn to deal with it, learn to not show how frightened we are, and learn how to control the way we act, and the way we see and hear things while at whits end.

Friday, May 2, 2014

The Supernatural

I'm not sure if this experience I'm about to share with you is in fact supernatural but it was (at least to me) very real and very powerful. It was about a month or so ago. It was late and I was on the verge of sleep, in fact I was more asleep than awake which is why I do not know if this experience was true or all in my head. But anyway, as I was saying, I was on the brink of sleep when - right in my ear - I heard my mothers say: "Leeny," right in my ear. It jolted me awake and I expected to see my mother next to me, but there was no one. In case you were wondering, "Leeny" is my mothers nick name for me. I do not believe it was a dream because I could hear the voice in my ear, and if I was dreaming I would have heard it in my head. I really can't explain it.
If someone offered me a free reading of my future I don't think I'd accept it. If I knew what was coming (good or bad) I would anticipate it too much to enjoy the time I was in.

Monday, March 31, 2014

My Opinion on Old Age and Dying.

I do not believe that scientists should help people 'beat old age' unless they want it. Prolonging the life of someone with Alzheimer's, a chronic disease, or a disability doesn't seem sensible if they are suffering.
If I could choose the age at which I would want to die, it would be after my 110th birthday, so long as I was healthy enough to enjoy it. If I developed some kind of illness that was crippling in the 'younger years' of old age, then I would not want to live on suffering for too long.
I agree with the author that, "adding years to your life doesn't necessarily make it any fuller." You can die in your thirties and forties and still have lived a fulfilled life. If you do the things you love, take  chances, spend time with your family, and most importantly have fun...then who would disagree you didn't fulfill the life you had?

Friday, March 14, 2014


We encounter advertising everywhere. Along highway roads, in news papers, online, but most predominantly on t.v. Advertisements that stick in your heads are the ones that are beyond annoying, have a catchy tune, use a rhyming slogan, or one you just see daily. What makes advertisements memorable is something that catches you, like a jingle, a puppy, or a booming voice. Advertisements do have an effect on personal interests; you see something advertised on t.v. then you go out and see someone using it (whether it is clothing or makeup) it's definitely going to interest you more now that you've seen it and how it looks in real life.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

You should do what you love and love what you do

This is my "this I believe" essay.

I believe you should do what you love and love what you do. I have had this belief since I can remember, but it was really solidified this year as I have begun to think about which career path I want to pursue.
Ever since I was a little kid I've been hearing the phrase, "if you love what you do you never work a day in your life." To me this sounds like the perfect arrangement. My father, as a little boy, was fascinated by trains. Today he is a train driver for Pam Am Railways, one of the largest freight train corporations in the world. While his work hours change month to month- and normally gets home in the middle of the night if he hasn't been put in a hotel until his next shift- he loves his job. He's living his childhood dreams of driving mile-long trains and pulling the infamous rope, blasting the train horn at every intersection.
I've been told I'm smart enough to get into law school, a doctor program, or that I'd make a great veterinarian; while these are all wonderful careers, they just aren't for me. When I envision myself in the world I see myself doing something with much more flexibility, like photography, architecture, or writing. Doing all three of those things is fun for me, and I really can't imagine doing anything that isn't creative.
Considering I haven't been in the quote on quote, real world, yet, there is only one moment where I can remember thinking, "why do this if I'm not gonna like it?" It happened this year while I was meeting with my guidance counselor about what classes I was going to have to make up next year, when the subject of math came up. Mrs. Clark wanted to know what math class I wanted to take. My initial thought was, "I don't want to take a math class," but I thought better of it and told her I was interested in personal finance. Well, come to find out, personal finance doesn't count as a math grade, it counts as an extra credit. Other than calculus, I wasn't really sure what other math classes the school offered. So she suggested algebra two. I thought about it and I eventually came to the conclusions that no, I didn't want to take algebra two. My excuse? "I'm never gonna use it anyway." Pretty cliché. Math isn't my strong suit, but mostly because it doesn't interest me. Naturally I was ornery about the situation, but eventually gave in. So, while I'm now roped into next years algebra two class, it's safe to say that I'll never be an accountant.
Your own happiness in life depends wholly on yourself. If you have a job where it takes three cups of coffee and a freezing cold shower to get your feet moving, why are you doing it? Try doing something where it only takes you one cup of coffee and the promise of a warm shower to get up and going. This I believe.

Here is a link to my podcast of my this I believe essay:

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What I did differently this week.

One thing I did differently this week from what I normally do is that I used some of my own experiences in my writing.  It was different because I normally make up examples, or use other people's scenarios  as an example in my writing. I tried it because I figured we were doing a personal essay, so why not right? I think it worked out pretty well, I don't think I had the best example but it got the job done.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


The voice in writing is a certain way in which the writer writes. It's how the writers personality shines through in the piece. Personally, my own writing voice is just like me: loud mouthed, excited, humble. I believe my voice comes through strongly in my writing and I do not believe it is still developing.